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About Us

Titan Fitness offers a gym where anyone, at any fitness level, can achieve the results they are looking for. Everybody is on their own lifestyle journey, and Titan Fitness is here to support that effort.

Our founder, Chris Cupi, knows firsthand the commitment and loyalty it takes to begin and stick to a healthy lifestyle. His journey to becoming fit began more than 70 pounds ago. He didn’t do it on his own, and you shouldn’t have to, either. We are here to provide a gym that includes the tools, guidance and inspiration you need to achieve the healthy body you’ve been striving for.

Support for Every Journey

At Titan Fitness we know that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t end with the gym. Balance is key, and your workout has to fit in with your everyday life. That is why our 12-month memberships include options like 24/7 gym access at our Peoria and Washington locations to suit your schedule, a free fitness consultation to help get you on the right track for your individual goals, and group classes to keep your workouts fresh and well-rounded. Our fitness instructors are here to help you start, continue or accelerate your workout, and answer any questions you may have. You may choose to work out on your own, attend one of our available classes or opt for specific fitness help from a Titan Fitness trainer.

Our trainers are available at convenient times to give you individualized guidance. Our trainers have a variety of schedules and backgrounds, so we can pair you with the trainer best suited for you and your goals.

Members love that our Titan Fitness gyms are clean, welcoming and suited to workouts at any experience level. At Titan Fitness, whatever your goals may be, we strive to help make them possible.

Our Team

  • Dericka Roberts

    General Manager and Fitness Manager

    We strive to be the best Washington has to offer and with that we offer customized class programs, top personal training with an at home atmosphere!

    Dericka is a mother of 5 and studied at ICC and worked in the medical field for over 12 yrs.  After being a stay at home mom for almost 10 yrs she was introduced to the world of bodybuilding.  In 2014 she set out to do her first competition and hasn’t looked back since.  She has won her NGA Pro Figure card, competed in the Arnold and is now looking to debut as a physique competitor in the NPC.  This is now her way of life.  Helping others choose health and fitness a key goal.  Come see her today cause she’s is also the instructor for the Bootcamp class Washington has to offer!





  • Zach Phillips



    Bachelors Degree in Physical Education
    CrossFit Fit Level 1 Trainer
    ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
    Kettle Bell Certified
    TRX Certified


    High Intensity Interval Training
    Power Lifting
    Olympic Lifting
    Improving technique and performance in functional lifts and movements


    Create a diverse community of functionally strong, capable individuals with expanding fitness interests
    Educate clients and members on proper lifting techniques
    To increase the interest in the sports of Power Lifting and Olympic Lifting, respectively


  • Jennifer Blackorby

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Jenn Blackorby “JB” is a wife, a mother of 4 and a Realtor. She has taught group exercise classes for 10 years, including RPM, cycling and dance. A former marathon runner (finished the Boston in ’13), JB most loves cycling classes because of the intense calorie-burning/cardio benefit without the impact and stress on the joints. She firmly believes that cycling is great cross training which can be worked into any fitness plan, regardless of your goals. More than anything though, her passion is having FUN while working out and motivating people in class to do the same!

  • Gene Kappelson

    Personal Trainer


  • Clint Hightower

    Personal Trainer

    Clint Hightower is an ISSA certified personal trainer and specialist in sports nutrition. He also holds certifications for multiple group fitness classes and is our current Titan Fitness boxing/kickboxing instructor. Clint enjoys using a variety of techniques including high intensity interval training, kettlebells, and athletic sports based movements to push and encourage his clients towards their specific goals!