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Our Fitness Classes

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 Fitness Classes at Every Level

At Titan Fitness Washington we offer fitness classes designed to help challenge and amp up your workouts. Regardless of your skill level, we are sure to have fitness classes that will fit your fitness goals. Check our calendar to see when each class is available.

  • CrossFit Max Strength– An all-inclusive program covering gymnastics, weight lifting, high intensity cardio, and functional fitness. This fitness program is designed to build strength while also improving upon your cardio endurance no matter what your fitness level is. We will walk you through step by step and before long you will be feeling like a new person and feel like nothing can stop you from that perfect body you have only dreamed of!
  •  Bootcamp – A one hour high-intensity, light weight and body weight movement workout. Bootcamp is sure to keep you constantly moving for an entire 60 minutes. It promises to make you sweat and feel the burn from beginning to end and all the way through the day.
  • Cycleworks – This is a non impact 40 minute HIIT workout on a stationary resistance bike. The workout will never become too easy because YOU control your ride! At the same time this class is perfect for a beginner or somebody who has been out of the gym for awhile because you can meet yourself right where your at fitness wise. The instructor will take you through a simulated outdoor ride with hills, sprints, flatland and winding roads and as a finale help you conquer a ginormous mountain. Complete with an adequate warm up and cool down this class and it’s energizing music will help you torch calories, strengthen muscle and get (or help keep ) you in amazing cardiovascular condition.
  • Boxing – TFX Boxing is a fun and energetic non contact small group class incorporating boxing/kick boxing skills and techniques such as proper stance, guard movement, jab, cross, hook, elbows and knees, all while getting fit and stronger. This also includes cardio training, shadow boxing, bag work, partner drills, pad work as well as functional and core strength exercises.