Tanning Salon

Tanning Salon

Are you looking for a great place to tan in the Peoria area?

Look no further than Titan Fitness and what we offer. Check out just a few of the amenities that we offer

  • Fresh Bulbs
  • Spacious tanning and changing areas
  • Complete selection of tanning products
  • Full service, knowledgeable staff
  • Tanning available only during staffed hours
  • No gym membership required for tanning
  • Complete privacy for your comfort and convenience

T.F. Tan is a full service tanning salon offering 8 tanning beds ranging from Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.
Tanning can be purchased as single sessions or packages with 60 day expiration, no contracts and no monthly EFT.

Hot Specials:
   $25.00 for 20 tans in our base beds                                                                                                $30.00 for 20 tans in our 12 minute beds                                                                                     $35.00 for 20 tans  in our stand up bed.


Exclusive tanning lotions available

Call us today 309-966-2717

  • Why I go to Titan: Location, Price, 24/7 Access, Tanning, classes, childcare!


  • Why I go to Titan: Xfit and Grit Classes are challenging but a lot of fun!


  • I go to Titan Fitness because it’s clean, colorful, vibrant, great music, friendly staff and the smoothies are great! There is no place like Titan.


  • [I go to Titan Fitness because] it has a home feel to it and I love the family vibe from the staff and members.